New & Future Content 

I hope that you have had a look around the site and you like what you have seen enough to make you want to come back again.

I have built this page to let you see what new content has been added to the site and to let you know of any future content in the pipeline.  

This site has been built to serve you, so if there is anything that you would like to see added or changed please do let me know either by using the Contact Us page or by posting your idea on the site forum

If I can accommodate your request I will get to work on it!

Safety & Training

Diving section updated with training course information

Facebook Group

You are cordially invited to join my Facebook group North Sea Tiger

Links Page

I have added new links to lots of industry related sites including many of the professional institutions such as Institute Of Marine Engineers, Institute Of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Designer Engineers, Institute of Chemical Engineers, and more!  click here

Specialists Updated

Whittaker Engineering and Edward Wilson Financial Services added to the Specialists page

New Music Videos

The most popular music video in recent history Eric Prydz "Call On Me" has been added to the Music page, we are not responsible for palpitations or heart attacks whilst viewing this video.  Nadine Coyle's "Insatiable" music video also added.

New Music

Some fantastic live performances added to the music page including Elvis, Texas and Ray Lamontagne

Nike and Lonely Planet

The site is now affiliated with Nike so check out the shopping page when looking to buy the best in sports equipment and sports wear.

The site is now also affiliated with Lonely Planet.

The Carphone Warehouse is now affiliated with The Carphone Warehouse click the link to access their current deals including £100 off pay monthly phones and free gifts on deals including 32" TV and games consoles which would great for your cabin!


Win a supercar driving expeience courtesy of The person who recommends the most people to join our Forums before 10th August will receive a supercar experience voucher.  The new visitors should in some way be associated with the offshore industry (includes family members and previous offshore industry employment).  See the Competition page for more details.


The forums page is now located in the Industry News section of the site, please get involved and have your say on the matters which affect you

John Lewis is now affiliated with John Lewis click the link to view the entire online store where you can purchase creature comforts for your cabin ranging from electronic devices or your own pillows, the site is also perfect for buying gifts.


Information on qualifying for seafarer earnings deduction added to the Finances page

Fire & Survival

Fire & Survival page has been added under the Safety section of the site giving information on the mandatory survival and firefighting courses required for working offshore.  There is plenty more to be added to this page but it is now live.  Check out the 2 videos on the page, 1 showing the dreaded helicopter underwater escape unit or as it;s better know "The Helicopter Dunker", and the other showing a free-fall lifeboat launch (I don't care how well you are strapped in there would be a terrible smell in the air inside one of those boats!)


A Forums page has been added, to start the ball rolling there are 10 new forums to discuss different specific discipline and topics of the offshore industry, there is a For Sale forum and a website forum for discussing this site and non industry subjects.  You are invited to use the forums as they are a great way of sharing information and experiences with everyone else working in the offshore community. 


Voodoo Child by Jimmi Hendrix added to the Music page under the Entertainment section.  If there any tunes you would like added please let me know and I will do my best to oblige.


You will see a number of banners around the website, these are carefully selected to provide you with easy access online shopping. We are being very careful to only advertise reputable & established companies who provide the highest standard services and products.

I have realised that some companies IT policies stop you from viewing adverts, to ensure you get the same access to the great deals those onshore can I have built in text links to the shopping sites.

Future Content (updated 16th July 2011)

Mobile App

I am currently building an app to let you keep up to date with whilst you are on the move


If the site becomes increasingly popular I will consider creating a membership section to ensure that loyalty is rewarded.  I am not suggesting that this mean I would charge a membership fee as just now I am happy to provide the site for free.


Again I am being very selective on who will be listed in the Specialist page, I have more to add to this page in the very near future.


I intent to approach bodies such as IMCA, OPITO, Oil & Gas UK, IMAREST, DNV, Dynamic Positioning Committee, and more, in the hope that I can establish relationships which will allow me to provide you with a better service.

Shopping & Services

I am currently in discussion with a number of service and product providers with the aim of securing preferential deals and rates for followers.  I will keep you posted on developments.

Team Work

I don't have to tell you that you are in a job that requires team work to ensure that the job gets done and everyone gets to go home safe.  As I have mentioned before, this site is for you and the the more you use it and spread the word so that your friends and colleagues use it, the better the site will become so please don't be a stranger, get in touch and get involved today!