This section of the site will help keep you entertained whilst offshore and keep your loved ones onshore happy in the knowledge that even though you are not beside them you are most certainly thinking about them.

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When you get off the rig or vessel you want to get back to your house, not the dog house so if you are onboard and you have just remembered that you haven't arranged a gift for your better half you can use the links below to send flowers or something special that you know will make your loved ones happy.

Sign up with Interflora and you will never forget those important birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversary, St Valentines Day, and Christmas. 

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Now, everyone knows that you guys like your watches and I am not talking about the 4 to 8.  Above you will find links to great deals on those all important time pieces that no offshore worker should be without.



Watch Finder

Dream Watches

One of the very first things we do now when arriving at the heliport is switch on our mobile phones and call home to say we are onshore and we will be home in a few hours (so get the beers in the fridge and dinner in the oven).  It's a fact that the mobile phone has become an essential accessory in our daily lives, to the extent that many of us would be lost without it.  The Carphone Warehouse provide competitive deals on a huge range of handsets on all the tariffs by all the networks.  The Carphone Warehouse also sell a range of laptops and tablets such as the iPad, these devices in your cabin help you to unwind after a tough shift and help make your time away pass that bit quicker.
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If you are looking to give a gift that a loved one will remember for the rest of their life then visit Activity Gifts website by clicking on the banner below or clicking here.  

At activity Gifts you will find a huge range of experiences from hot air balloon rides, luxury spa days, fine dining, flying lessons, a whole range of different driving experiences and lots more, there really is an experience to suit everyone.  To ensure that you are getting the best deal Activity Gifts offer a 150% refund if you find the same experience cheaper elsewhere, so visit today and make someone's dream come true!

If your partner and kids are what you miss most when away from home, for many their car comes a close second.  Below are links to some popular online car magazines and just incase you are tempted to treat yourself to a new toy there are some links to some car manufacturer and supplier websites, please remember to tell the salesman you viewed their cars via this website.  Fancy winning the car of your dreams?  Have a go at Best Of The Best Supercar Competition by clicking the banner below or click here


There are few better ways to relax during your leave than taking in a round of golf whilst the 9 to 5 crowd are at work and the course is quiet.  Check out the latest deals on the widest selection of quality equipment including the biggest names in the sport and custom made equipment at The Golf Store Europe by clicking on the banner below or clicking here

Nike are well known as being the very best sports clothing manufacturer in the world, so if you are planning on hitting the gym this trip to burn off a few pounds and shaping up for getting home check the Nike Store by clicking the banner below or click here 

Ever fancied driving some of the finest supercars in the world with your foot firmly planted on the loud pedal as you weave your way around Thruxton race course, then why not treat yourself, or even better have someone treat you.  You are here for a good time not a long time and we know how hard you work to earn your money so why not book an experience of a lifetime by clicking the banner below or by clicking here

Cool kit for your cabin is now almost as important as taking you discharge book and enough undies for the trip so below I have put some links to those entertainment essentials that will help you relax after a tough shift and help block out the loneliness and boredom 

For fantastic deals on electronic goods including the new Apple MacBook's, iPads and iPods visit the John Lewis website by clicking on the banner below or clicking here