Offshore divers are entirely dependant on their own knowledge and skills, the quality and condition of their equipment, the knowledge and skills of all the diving support and marine crew onboard the DSV and also the condition of the vessels equipment.  It is absolutely paramount that every single person working on a DSV understands that their actions and attitude to working safely has a direct impact of the divers in the water and in saturation!

The safety of diving operations in UK waters are governed and legislated by the Health and Safety Executive. Visit the diving section of the HSE website for more information, however below are some interesting links.

Diving At Work

Diving at work covers a wide range of activities from deep saturation diving in support of the offshore oil and gas industry to recreational instruction by a professional instructor.

  1. HSE and diving
  2. First aid
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This section documents matters concerning diving at work regulations and relating issues.

  1. Approved medical examiners
  2. Approved codes of practice
  3. Diving operations record

Diving Courses

The Underwater Centre is the only training centre in the world that offers all of the highly respected HSE commercial diving qualifications in Air and Mixed Gas diver training, from HSE SCUBA right up to HSE Closed Bell. These qualifications are the most widely respected worldwide, and in many countries you can't dive unless you have the HSE qualifications. On top of that we offer further key courses that prepare you for industry.

The Underwater Centre specialist career packages will give you a competitive edge in securing that all-important first job. They're the ideal preparation for a diving career, and our experienced instructors and excellent facilities ensure you'll get some of the best commercial diver training on offer worldwide.  In addition, as part of all of their career package courses, you will receive essential training in subsea tools and techniques.  Employers will expect you to have some knowledge and experience of industry-specific equipment, which is why at The Underwater Centre we ensure that we are training you for the job – not just the ticket.

At The Underwater Centre you will gain the full number of assessment and work-up dives, providing you with more time in the water and ultimately more experience. Consider this when doing your research and ask before you book.

Visit their website www.theunderwatercentre.co.uk and don't forget to download their excellent 6 monthly news letter.

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General enquiries: info@theunderwatercentre.co.uk

Requirements for the Certification of Underwater (Diver) Inspectors 

The Certification Scheme for Personnel (CSWIP) is a comprehensive scheme which provides for the examination and certification of individuals seeking to demonstrate knowledge and/or competence in their field of operation. The scope of CSWIP includes, among others, Welding Inspectors, Welding Supervisors, Welding Instructors, Cathodic Inspection personnel, Drillstem Inspection personnel, Plant Inspectors, Underwater Inspection personnel, Plastics Welders and NDT personnel. 

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